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Premium quality blueberries from Serbia

Mberries plantation is established as a family plantation. Growing blueberries is our new family business which we intend to pass on through generations. Our goal is to launch our top quality fruit throughout the world, so that we can assure end consumers of our quality. In order to achieve this goal we need a long-term partner for placing our fruit on the world market.

If you want to be among the first to enter the world of the world’s best blueberries, and seek a long-term partner for the supply of this fruit, make sure you contact us.

mberries quality blueberries

Fresh Blueberries

We produce Duke blueberries, which are best used fresh and need to be eaten 15-25 days after they are picked.

premium blueberries

Big Blueberries

Our blueberries are cca 15mm big and nice looking. They belong to the 1st class blueberries when they are exported.

Healthy Blueberries

We respect GAP standard and we do not use chemicals while growing our blueberries.

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About Us

Blueberries plantation Berries was set up in November 2016 at Zlatibor Mountain in Serbia. MBerries covers 2.5 hectares and represents one of the younger plantations in Serbia, established by EU standards. The maintenance of the plantation throughout a year, as well as th harvest and distribution of fresh fruit are done in accordance with the rules of Global GAP Certificate. Therefore, 95% of our fruit is first class (12mm+), 80% of it being more than 14mm in diameter. In order that our freshly picked fruit retains its premium quality, our practice is to handpick it exclusively into consumer packages. We thus avoid re-packing of the fruit and the potential of harming it, or reducing its quality.

For our customers

Mberries is still a young plantation which is going to expand every year as much as possible. Our goal is not to dominate the market in terms of the size of the area, but to make the most of the area we cultivate in order to offer the best class fruit packed into end consumer packaging. We also have our own production of plastic and cardboard packaging, therefore we can produce any type of it, according to the customer requirements. Furthermore, we cooperate with several remarkable plantations, so we can offer a considerable amount of fresh blueberries in the season. You can read more about the quality and amount of our blueberries at Growing blueberries in Serbia.

Nenad Mandićowner of MBerries

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